Be part of a community that shares time, knowledge, ideas and skills.

Hour Community is a social platform connecting people who help each other with services. You can do anything from giving painting classes to storytelling, from being a trail guide to counselling, from tutoring math to putting your handiwork to use or helping someone move or simply giving them a ride to the grocery store. Use your imagination and trust your skills, trust your knowledge: your abilities are unique and are valued. They are your gifts to share!

You give and you receive service hours. Our currency is TIME! Give an hour, receive an hour.

We are people sharing our gifts and wishes are returned. You can scroll through the categories and become inspired by what others have to offer.

Wishes are something you have always wanted to learn, to do, to make ... really anything!

Gifts are what you offer. Claude Monet, the grand master of impressionistic art, offers his Gift of Painting Lessons to who wants to learn. In exchange ... maybe English lessons!

GIFT - Arts & Crafts | Painting Lessons

Claude Monet

Claude Monet

Paris, France

Gifted 18:00 hours

I will teach you to paint in the Impressionism style using Oil Paints

If you would like to help someone in their wish or like the gift that someone is offering, you can message them privately.

You can get to know them and if you are a good fit, you can make plans to meet.


After your exchange of services, the receiver pays the giver for their time. The amount of time spent is how much time will be exchanged. We deal in hours.

You gain credibility through reviews. Reviews can be Positive, Negative, or Neutral and you can never delete or hide them. Users are encouraged to write each other reviews.


William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

Warwickshire, England

Given Claude 2:00 hours | Recieved 0:00 hours

Claude is a painter of masterpieces!


Your profile page is your calling card. All of your gifts, wishes, and reviews are accessible here. Your friends help build your profile by writing a brief excerpt explaining who you are. This is how you are introduced to the community.

There is a space to showcase your skillset and have your friends affirm them skill by skill ensuring honesty and proving your aptitude.

To keep our community strong and safe, we ask our members to display a certain level of engagement. Only full members have the ability to initiate messages and exchange hours with anyone, including limited members.

To be a full member, one must:

  • Confirm their email address
  • Share their availability
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Share a gift and a wish
  • Have three introductions