EVERYBODY has something they can share.

YES! That means you too. You have a unique gift that only you can give to the world.

You know things that other people don’t. Things that other people value. Things to teach. Things that other people would love to know ... or that other people need.

It doesn't have to be anything extraordinary, like flying to the moon. Often people desire something that you may take for granted. Maybe you can take someone for a walk in the park, teach them to cook a special meal, or tell them a story from your life. It really is that easy.

Sharing these things will show you how valuable your knowledge and unique skillset is to your community. You won't believe how great you are until you see your knowledge and skills from someone else's perspective.


Community is helping one another. It is a feeling of belonging, a feeling of togetherness, a feeling of being a part of something greater than yourself. It is a unified body of individuals who share values and interests. Every single person, especially you, has an effect on community. It takes every single one of you to make a community.

Take the next step and join Hour Community. Satisfy your innate desire to belong and connect with the people around you. Learn first-hand that you will get far more out of Hour Community than what you put in.

Communities have the power to change the world. We are that community ... one hour at a time.


Gifting is unconditional with nothing expected in return. Gifting is genuine and comes from the bottom of your heart. Research of the brain has shown that giving has a much longer-lasting and positive impact than receiving.

Imagine yourself fulfilling somebody’s dream, their wish, their desire to do something that they cannot do on their own. You have this power; all it takes is time.


We are social creatures and socializing is in our nature. Each experience with others are what shape you to be you. So Invite new learning and teaching opportunities into your life to create a more meaningful way of being.

Connect deeply with another human who share similar beliefs and values. Take part in this community initiative to create new connections and to share what you know and love. These small connections between friends, acquaintances or strangers, however brief, will prove to be powerfully fulfilling.


You can start realizing your dreams right NOW. They say you are already connected within one degree of separation from everything you could ever want in the world. Hour Community makes those connections happen.

Put your dreams and wishes out into the world and watch them become realities. It really is that easy. Free of financial and social constraints. With Hour Community, just believe and make it happen!